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  • Current announcement

    The Dergah is now opened with limitations. Also you can follow Dhikr and Juma prayers vie LiveStream on our facebook group Live-Life with Scheikh Hassan, on Instagram sheikh_hassan_dyck and on YouTube Osmanische Herberge Kall

  • Salam Alaikum & Welcome

    Since 20 years the Osmanische Herberge - located 1 hour West of Cologne in the Eifel - is a house of open doors and spiritual teaching in the tradition of a Sufi Dergah.

  • Live Spirituality

    People from all arond the world gather frequently to enjoy the association, take communal meals and remember Allah, as advised by Sufi Master Sheikh Nazim.

  • Pray Together

    Muslims and people of different faith are welcome at any time. Here you find the times for communal prayers and the Juma (Friday Prayer).

  • SufiSoul Festival

    The "SufiSoul" Worldmusic Festival will take place for the 21th time this summer in the Osmanische Herberge. Festival information and further concert dates you may find here.

  • Sommercamp / Wintercamp

    Twice a year we come together at the Osmanische Herberge for a 7-days family camp woth a diverse selection of workshops and seminaries. Read more.

  • Quran Lessons

    We offer free Quran-Lessons in our center for everyone who wants to study the holy Quran. Learn more about the Quran School.

  • Celebrate Weddings

    Our doors are open for everyone intending to marry. We invite you to celebrate with us. Read more about muslim holidays and weddings.

  • Experience Nature

    The Nationalpark Eifel is inviting to nature - families with kids are welcome!
    Information on directions, accomodation and popular destinations nearby you may find here.

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Current Dates:

    Juma - the Friday prayer

    Important Announcement

    Until further notice, neither the Thursday dhikr nor the Juma prayer will be held. Sheikh Hassan won't be there either. All other meetings will be suspended for an indefinite period.

    If possible, the brothers should pray the Juma prayer at home. Minimum requirements are two other male participants besides the Imam, acchording to Hanafi Madhhab (law school). Otherwise you can also participate in the live stream on the above mentioned channel... Insha 'allah start 1.30 p.m.

    Otherwise you can also participate in the live stream on the Facebook channel Live-Life with Scheikh Hassan and on Instagram (sheikh_hassan_dyck)...
    Start 2.30 p.m..

    Here you can download the Juma Text as pdf:
    Khutba in arabic (pdf)
    Khutba in transscription (pdf)

    Khutba/speech of the Imam is not necessary. This can be watched in the LiveStream (see Mawlana Sheikh Mehmet Juma prayer Lefke (saltanat.org)

    General information about the Juma

    Juma normally takes place every Friday at noon - depending on the number of visitors in the small mosque on the lower floor or in the large mosque on the upper floor.

    The Khutba (trad. sermon at the friday prayer) by Sheikh Hassan will be held in german and will be translated in english and arabic frequently.

    Also during the Friday prayer non-Muslims are welcome in our mosque.

    after the Juma there is a free Shorba (soup) in the in-house club restaurant according to good Dergah tradition for all who want to stay a little longer.

    Juma Khutba as Download

    Khutba in arabic (pdf)
    Khutba in transliteration (pdf)

    Live on Facebook & Instagram

    Daily Tarawih prayer: 11.00 pm
    Thursday Dhikr: 9.30 pm
    Juma prayer: 2.30 pm

    facebook: Live-Life with Scheikh Hassan
    Instagram: sheikh_hassan_dyck

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