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  • Salam Alaikum & Welcome

    Since 20 years the Osmanische Herberge - located 1 hour West of Cologne in the Eifel - is a house of open doors and spiritual teaching in the tradition of a Sufi Dergah.

  • Live Spirituality

    People from all arond the world gather frequently to enjoy the association, take communal meals and remember Allah, as advised by Sufi Master Sheikh Nazim.

  • Pray Together

    Muslims and people of different faith are welcome at any time. Here you find the times for communal prayers and the Juma (Friday Prayer).

  • SufiSoul Festival

    The "SufiSoul" Worldmusic Festival will take place for the 21th time this summer in the Osmanische Herberge. Festival information and further concert dates you may find here.

  • Sommercamp / Wintercamp

    Twice a year we come together at the Osmanische Herberge for a 7-days family camp woth a diverse selection of workshops and seminaries. Read more.

  • Quran Lessons

    We offer free Quran-Lessons in our center for everyone who wants to study the holy Quran. Learn more about the Quran School.

  • Celebrate Weddings

    Our doors are open for everyone intending to marry. We invite you to celebrate with us. Read more about muslim holidays and weddings.

  • Experience Nature

    The Nationalpark Eifel is inviting to nature - families with kids are welcome!
    Information on directions, accomodation and popular destinations nearby you may find here.

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    Sheikh Hassan - Founder and Imam of the Herberge

    Founder of the Osmanische Herberge in Kall and regional leader of the community is Sheikh Hassan, "the Terrible", as he himself likes to add with a little smile, because this name was given to him by his teacher Sheikh Nazim himself, famous for his humorous nature.

    On this page we want to highlight a view stations of the life of Sheikh Hassan's from the Christian born kid of post-war West-Berlin to the Imam of the Mosque and leader of the Sufi-Derga in the Eifel - with the intention of giving a first idea to the curious reader about what is going on in the Osmanische Herberge, and maybe to arouse interest in one or the other in meeting this truely interesting personality.

    Sheikh Hassan is no friend of important titles and would more likely refuse to be adressed as "leader of the Herberge", but prefer to call himself someone, who only strives to follow the unreachable example of his teacher Sheikh Nazim, and to fulfil his order to run the center.

    As he sais himself, when giving lectures in the Sohbat gatherings:

    "The people here like to call me Sheikh, but really I'm someone who hopes to receive good inspirations from my Sheikh about what to say next."

    Maybe it's the unique manner in which Sheikh Hassan on one hand takes seriously the belief and lives it, yet at the same time admits the own shortcomings not without self-irony and humour and understands and answers the questions of others, which makes him so liked within the community.

    There is room for loud laughter, for instance when he talks about the difficulties of performing ones prayer with the due attention. To this he likes to act a little sequence about how the ambitious student allows his thoughts to stray to matters of daily life during prayer, until he comes to realise after the third bow, that he lost track and doesn't know any longer, if there's one or two more bows left to complete the cycle of the prayer.

    With this way of taking seriously the belief, but not himself plus a wealth of funny-educational stories (that he prefers to share over a Mate tea) he manages in a special manner, to open the ears and hearts of the listeners, and to make them look at themselves in a new light.

    Nearly everyday he can be found in the Osmanische Herberge to carry out prayers and the Dhikrullah with the community and to answer all kind of requests of the people. In addition he still travels a lot, despite his advancing years, to give seminaries and lectures and invite people to communal Dhikr and to Islam.

    For this purpose the trained cellist likes to use music, in order to generate a mutual vibration with the audience, and since many years he tours internationally with his ever changing ensemble "Muhabbat Caravan".

    Sheikh Hassan is one of the view imams (head of mosque) of german origin in Germany, where the mosques usually are lead by "imported" imams - which isn't always usefull for the exchange between mosque and german society.

    Since Sheikh Hassan studied Arabic, the Quran and the life of the Prophet Mohammed sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam (glorified and exalted be He), he's also recognised by Muslims from traditionally islamic countries, so in the Osmanische Herberge Muslims from all imagineable countries can com together for prayer.
    This also isn't the usual case in Germany and as a consequence Sheikh Hassan frequentlly adresses the attendees of special events like the Juma (Friday prayer) in German, English and Arabic in order to be understood by everyone.

    Sheikh Hassans time is dedicated to the service of God and the community, a "time out" of this task is unknown to him. Thereby he gets supported since 1975 by his wife Hadja Karima, also of German origin, who was student of Sheikh Nazim together with Sheikh Hassan, and whose marriage has been blessed with five kids and countless grandchildren.

    Chronicle at a glance

    Born as Peter Christian Dyck in West-Berlin as son of a Dutch opera singer and a German salesman
    Studies at the Berlin Academy of Music, focus Cello
    Study abroad in Indien, first contacts to Indian Music and spirituality
    After intense search in the wild Berlin of the 70th Peter Dyck joins the Sufi-Community of the master Omar Ali Shah, embraces Islam and his namen Hassan and marries
    Family Dyck moving to Medina (Saudi-Arabia), first Hadj and one-year studies of Arabic and Quran
    Family Dyck moves to Damascus, Syria, uto live and learn with Sheikh Nazim
    Relocation with Sheikh Nazim to his hoime in the turkishen part of the island Cyprus. During this time with Sheikh Nazim, Sheikh Hassan joins him as close companion on countless travels mto Europe, where Sheikh Nazim makes people familiar with the way of Sufism
    Return of family Dyck to Germany - Sheikh Hassan earns the living for his family as als sales agent, and organises overland trips from Germany to the sacred cities of Mekka and Medina as one of the first ones. So he carries out the pilgrimage Hadj ten times between 1988 und 1999 as a travel guide.
    Foundation of the Osmanischen Herberge as Sufi Center for Northern Europe, at the same time begin of his own travels through Europe, Northern Africa and South America to tell about the way of the Sufis and reach out to people with lectures and music. In the following time several CDs of his Music Ensemble "Muhabbat Caravan" get produced, some of them self-published.

    Mobile: +49 (0)2441 770784
    Email: hassandyck(at)osmanische-herberge.de

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